Metal Art by Mico
Decorators of Plastic and Metal

Metal Art by Mico founded in 2003 is in Evansville, Indiana dba Mico Industries, LLC. a leading producer of high-quality die cut and printed parts for the automotive, electronic and appliance industry.  Always being a job shop and not having our own products we were always dependent on our customers and the different markets at the time. Metal Art by Mico started using our existing equipment during our slow periods doing custom decoration of cups and tumblers, along with our printing expertise we had been doing a lot of laser etching on metal and cutting of plastics.  We then bought our first Fiber laser and started cutting metals for custom control panels for machine builders, with this opportunity we started doing decorative metals and cutouts and then lead into powder coating and custom decorations on powder coating.  We still do the same products under Mico Industries but have found a creative niche for us to use our same knowledge on the industrial side to be able to grow our business in the retail side with Metal Art by Mico doing home d├ęcor and custom items.  We look forward to being able to grow and serve our customers with this unique opportunity with multitudes of creative ideas to produce.

Our goal is to create partnerships with our customers.  To have an open-door policy to allow employees and customers alike to develop relationships.  Exceeding expectations at all levels to show our commitment.  Extending that commitment beyond our competitors through continuous improvement, teamwork, pride in workmanship, flexibility, responsiveness and simple awareness.

Metal Art by Mico will continue to improve people, systems, processes, technology, and suppliers to ensure that we meet the current and future needs of our clients.  This will guarantee our continued success.